Einbroch Murder Quest

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Nivel Base: -
Punto de Partida: Einbech
Objetos: -
Requisitos Previo(s): Factory Quest
Experiencia: 2,250,000 (Base)
2,250,000 (Job)
Otros: -
  1. Speak with Buender Hikeman in Einbech (/navi einbech 165/105) and choose What are you talking about?
    Archivo:Mq 01.png
  2. Speak with Buender Hikeman a second time.
  3. Go to the Hotel in Einbroch (from the right of the spawn), and talk to the Sick Old Man at the second floor (/navi ein_in01 229/167). He'll repeat the same dialogues multiple times (always select Remember the mine tunnel collapse?). After ~6 attempts, you'll get a new option and you have to select Have you ever heard of Hikeman before. If you always select the first option you'll get through this part easily. Speak to him a second time, he will mention the Kappelthaine family.
    Archivo:Mq 02.png
  4. Go out of the building and go inside the Kappelthaines house at (/navi einbroch 126/239). Once you're in, walk down in the room directly below, otherwise you'll be kicked out.
    Speak with the Maid at the bottom right corner.
    Archivo:Mq 03.png
  5. Go back and speak with the Sick Old Man (/navi ein_in01 231/163). You will need to do the Factory Quest to proceed after this step.
  6. Speak with him a second time and choose the Laboratory option.
    Archivo:Mq 04.png
  7. Go to the Laboratory (/navi einbroch 53/51); you'll be prompted to copy two security codes shown to you. Here are the codes you can get (copy and paste them to complete this more easily):
    • burrdingdingdilidingdingphoohudaambandoorabambarambambamburanbamding
    • ...silence. quiet benevolence... soul mate... wonder. enigma... cloud.
      opeN,Open!op3n.openOpen0p3nOpEn0pen`open'0Pen open?open!111OPENSESAME
    • Coboman no chikara-yumei na chikara-daiookii na chikara da ze! COBO ON
    • belief love luck grimace sweat rush folktale rodimus optimus bumblebee
      LiGhTsPeEd RiGhT SPEed LeFT TURn RiGhT BuRn OrIGInAL GaNgSteR SmACk
    • By the power of p-po-poi-po-poi-poin-poing GOD-POING. I NEVER LOSE!
      uNflAPPaBLe LoVaBLe SeCreTs AnD BoWLiNg aGaINST tHe KarMA of YoUtH
    • You give me no choice. I guess it's time for me to reveal my secret...
      fReeDoM eCstAcy JoUrnaLiSm ArMpIt DisCoverY hEaDaChE MoonbeAmS jUsTiCE
    • I'm the King of All Weirdos! Now you know of my true power. Obey~!
      0uNflAPPaBLe LoVaBLe SeCreTs AnD BoWLiNg aGaINST tHe KarMA of YoUtH
    Archivo:Mq 05.png
  8. Once you go through the portal, talk with the Scientist at the top left.
    Archivo:Mq 06.png
  9. Go to the Airship (Warper NPC > Special Areas > Airship > Airship 1) and then go on the floor below.
  10. On the far left, you'll find a Drunken Man who will gamble 100 apples with you. You can buy the apples from the Apple Merchant close to the NPC. Always buy 100 of them at a time, the Drunken Man will gamble all of your apples otherwise.
    Archivo:Mq 07.png
    Archivo:Mq 08.png
  11. Once you win the gamble, select So what was that about Ymir's Heart?
  12. Go speak with the Sick Old Man (/navi ein_in01 231/163) back at Einbroch Hotel. When prompted, you have to type in Ymir.
  13. Speak with Buender Hikeman (@go einbech > /navi einbech 165/105) and select Tell Hikeman about Shinokas's death.
  14. You have completed the quest and will receive an EXP Reward.