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Joining Phantasmagorica's Excavation Team

Nivel Base: 140
Punto de Partida: Eden
Experiencia: 11,250,000 (Base) and 11,250,000 (Job)
  1. Upon entering Eden (@go eden), you'll receive a new quest from Lime Eveno asking you to speak with her captain.
  2. Talk to the Eden Group Captain (Captain Arquien, (moc_para01 133, 170)Copiado!, she's on the second floor, in the leftmost room. Listen to her request.
    Archivo:Verus 01.png
  3. Meet with Lime Evenor in the central room (moc_para01 174, 165)Copiado!. She will ask you go to the excavation site to register with Receptionist Nara.
    Archivo:Verus 02.png
  4. Go to the ancient Verus city (@go verus).
    There are no prerequisites to access this map.
  5. Speak with Receptionist Nara (verus04 182, 168)Copiado! and tell her I'm from the Eden Group. She will ask you for the excavation team name, type in Atnad.
    Archivo:Verus 03.png
  6. You now have full access to the NPCs in Verus and you can start doing Verus Dailies!

To Phantasmagorica!

Nivel Base: 140
Punto de Partida: Eden
Requisitos Previo(s): Joining Phantasmagorica's Excavation Team
Experiencia: -
  1. Speak with Guide Elisha (yuno_fild07 216, 157)Copiado! and select Ask about the registration and then Ask for directions
    (If your @navi is telling you to talk to Guide Scarlet, use the Warper to go to Dungeons > Juperos Dungeon. Then, walk through the portal right in front of you, through the hallway, and into another portal to reach yuno_fild07).
    Archivo:Verus 004.png
  2. Go find Leitner (top left building in Lighthalzen, (lhz_in01 76, 206)Copiado!. Ask him about the registration process.
    Archivo:Verus 005.png
  3. Go back to Guide Elisha, and Say your name. The elevator is out of order and you must use the stairs instead.
  4. Go to Verus (@go verus).
  5. Talk to Guide Scarlet (verus04 119, 220)Copiado!. She will ask you to bring her 30 Used Iron Plate (they are dropped from Dimiks) to repair the elevator.
    Archivo:Verus 006.png
  6. Return to her once you've collected enough materials. You can now use the elevator.
    You have gained access to the Looking for the Traces quest.

Looking for the Traces

Nivel Base: 140
Punto de Partida: Verus
Requisitos Previo(s): Joining Phantasmagorica's Excavation Team
To Phantasmagorica!
Experiencia: 25,000,000 (Base)
  1. Talk to Dew, right next to Guide Scarlet (verus04 115, 220)Copiado!. He will point your attention to the fountain.
  2. Investigate the fountain above (verus04 116, 226)Copiado!. After a short conversation, they will ask you to investigate around the ancient city Verus.
  3. Investigate the sundries on the left (verus04 95, 238)Copiado!.
  4. Investigate the tree top left (verus04 79, 249)Copiado!.
  5. Examine the signboard to the left (verus04 62, 255)Copiado!.
  6. Move through the portal up north towards Verus Central Square, and speak with Due at (verus03 46, 23)Copiado!.
  7. Walk north and investigate the fountain (verus03 44, 65)Copiado!.
  8. Run further up north and talk to Mark (verus03 88, 237)Copiado!.
  9. Talk to Tamarin near the northwest portal (verus03 51, 256)Copiado!.
  10. Talk to Magi to the left (verus03 35, 254)Copiado!, she will reward you with exp.

Becoming an Atnad Member

Nivel Base: 140
Punto de Partida: (verus04 144, 193)Copiado!
Requisitos Previo(s): Joining Phantasmagorica's Excavation Team
Experiencia: 18,750,000 (Base) and 12,500,000 (Job)
7,500,000 (Base) and 7,500,000 (Job)
Otros: Gained access to Core Collection
Gained access to New Power Source
  1. Talk to Ian Atnad (verus04 144, 193)Copiado! and offer your help.
    Archivo:Verus 017.png
  2. To prove yourself, Ian requires you to collect 20 Power Control Device .
    They are found by killing robots in Verus Central Square (verus03).
  3. Once you've collected 20, go back to Ian and he'll give you some exp.
  4. Speak with Archaeologist Aureth (right next to Ian Atnad), he'll ask you to find Machinist Lloyd (verus03 103, 177)Copiado!.
  5. Machinist Lloyd wants your help for gathering enriched energy. Accept to help him. You will need 10 Empty Bottles for the next part.
    Archivo:Verus 023.png
  6. Find 10 Machine Remnants and fill up your empty bottles. Once you gather 10 Enriched Energy bottles, go back to Machinist Lloyd.
    Archivo:Verus 024.png
  7. Go back to Archaeologist Aureth. He will give you an Excavator Report report.
  8. Bring the report to Commander Louis (verus04 179, 165)Copiado!. He will reward you with exp.
  9. Talk with Ian Atnad. He's hungry now and wants a good meal.
  10. Find Luke Lapez (he's next to Machinist Lloyd, (verus03 107, 177)Copiado!. You will the following items to make a meal:
  11. Return to Luke Lapez to make a Bifrost meal.
  12. Bring the meal to Ian Atnad.
    You have gained access to Ian Atnad's daily quest Core Collection.
    You have gained access to Machinist Lloyd's daily quest New Power Source.


Nivel Base: 140
Punto de Partida: Verus
Requisitos Previo(s): Joining Phantasmagorica's Excavation Team
To Phantasmagorica!
Looking for the Traces
Memory Record (step 1 only)
Experiencia: 25,000,000 (Base)
  1. To begin this quest, make sure you've completed Memory Record (step 1). Then take left warp from the Verus Central Plaza to verus01.
  2. Talk to Dew (verus01 221, 65)Copiado!. He asks you to investigate the device in the center of Lab-OPTATIO.
  3. Talk to Fruit (verus01 151, 173)Copiado! and accept her request to investigate under the bunker.
  4. Talk to Verity (verus01 123, 181)Copiado! and select the first option to go into the bunker.
  5. Talk to Mark at the entrance (un_bunker 100, 96)Copiado!.
  6. Talk to Alp (un_bunker 363, 171)Copiado!. He can be found by following the red line on the image below. Select Investigate and you'll get warped to a different room.
    Archivo:Verus 031.png
  7. Talk to Alp again and he will warp you into another map.
  8. Speak with Verity at the entrance and then move to the next portal.
  9. Speak with Due inside the next room.
  10. Move on to the next floor and keep going into the portal until you reach the Weird Piece. The portals will warp you randomly, so you'll have to keep trying.
  11. Repeat this process until you meet Tamarin (you'll have to do this a lot).
  12. Speak with Tamarin and he'll reward you with a Gravity Safety Device (which can be used by Verity in (verus01 123, 181)Copiado! to get to the Last Room entrance directly).
  13. You'll now be in the Last Room entrance, speak with Mark on your right to unlock the instance.

Memory Record

Nivel Base: 140
Punto de Partida: verus04
Requisitos Previo(s): Joining Phantasmagorica's Excavation Team
Becoming an Atnad Member
Experiencia: -
Otros: Gained access to Central Laboratory instance(after step 1)
  1. Talk to Ian Atnad (verus04 144, 193)Copiado!. Choose converse, and he'll tell you about the past explorations. Speak to him again, and he will send you to check the research facilities for anything interesting.
    Central Laboratory instance now available.
    You can now access the verus01 (Laboratory-OPTATIO) and verus02 (Building-WISH) maps.
  2. Head north twice, and you will find yourself at the research site. Just by the warp, to the left you will find a pile of Strewn Paper (verus02 61, 29)Copiado!. Examine it, and you will discover a Memory Record .
  3. Show Ian Atnad the Memory Record, which he will find quite fascinating and familiar. He sends you to fetch a Record Player from his daughter in the Eden Group.
  4. Head to the Eden Group second floor, to the leftmost room, where you'll find her daughter, Captain Arquien. She will ask you why you were sent back here, type in Record Player.
  5. She refuses to help his father at first. Talk to her again, and she'll get the player.
  6. After an unsuccessful attempt to play the record, she asks you to collect 5 Memory Record .
  7. Collect the remaining pieces scattered all around the Research Site verus02. They are marked as glowing objects all around the map
  8. After you're done, find Arquien in the Verus site. (verus04 173, 149)Copiado!
  9. Use the Record Player (just left of Arquien) to listen to the recording. It does not contain any useful information, however, the name Atnad is mentioned.
  10. The memory record disappears, and she asks you to inform Ian Atnad about the recording.
  11. Speak to Atnad, who discovers that his ancestry might be from Verus. He asks you to collect 5 Laboratories Memory Record from the Bunker.
  12. Head to the Laboratory-OPTATIO verus01 (left warp from the Verus Central Plaza) , and find Verity (verus01 125, 183)Copiado!, who sends you down to the bunker.
  13. Look around the bunker to find more pieces of Memory Record. They are scattered around the map, marked with a glowing smoke, just like last time.
  14. Find your way back to Arquin in the Verus site, and listen to the recording. You will find out about an experiment that has gone wrong in the laboratory. You will also receive a Record Fragment from her.
  15. Speak to Atnad again, choose the Memory Record option. He asks you to continue working with her daughter revealing the secrets of Memory Records.
    Daily quests Collect Memory Records of Research Facilities and Collect Memory Records of Laboratories are now available.

Verus Dailies

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Verus Cards

Card Type Description
Card Green Cenere Card Footgear Card MaxHP +2%.

When receiving physical or magical damage, has a chance to recover 1000 HP per second, for 5 seconds.

Card Repair Robot Turbo Card Headgear Card Natural HP and SP regeneration rate +25%.

Recover 30 HP and 3 SP each time a monster is killed by physical melee damage.

If refined to +7, additional 10 HP and 1 SP recovered each time a monster is killed by physical melee damage.

Card Explorer Robot Turbo Card Weapon Card Critical +30 on Formless race monsters.

If equipped with Repair Robot Turbo Card, Critical +10.

Card Scrap Robots Card Garment Card Increase physical and magical resistance against Formless race monsters by 10%.

If refined to +7, increase physical and magical resistance against Formless race monsters by an additional 5%.

Token of Destruction

Police Chief Kesler : (verus04 133, 212)Copiado!

provides buffs for Token Of Destruction dropped from Doom Prayers. There seems to be a quest chain leading up to the benefits.

Episode 15 instances

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